For companies looking to strengthen their early careers talent stream or attract students with strong engineering talents to apprenticeships or graduate programmes, The Graduate and Apprentice Engineer Show represents the perfect opportunity to engage with thousands of engineering students from across the UK, in one highly efficient process.

With well over 30% of visitors being female, it is also the perfect opportunity to market your entry programmes to address gender balance in issues of talent attraction.

The event will run “live” for one day, but then stay accessible for a further 30 days for students to access on-demand greatly increasing the reach of the event.

Many more students will be able to participate. Any student can now take part in the event either on the “live” day or on demand. There are no early starts or travel costs for students or time out of the university curriculum.

It’s a live event!  Students can still directly liaise with exhibitors in real time at each stand, they can ask questions and access information, upload CVs and access application system seamlessly in one visit. A far more efficient system than is possible at a physical event.

GDPR compliant data collected from students accessing your stand will be immediately accessible to you. You can automatically capture data on who watched your presentations, who accessed your information and asked questions automatically. CVs can be directly downloaded and there will be direct immediate access to online application systems


Exhibitors will not need to travel to the event. No more hotels, commuting, stand set up and break down. All stand information is preloaded in about 1 hour. We will have a dedicated support team to enable you to populate your stand just as you would want at a physical event, and much, much more.

It is far more time-efficient for exhibitors. The event can be run from your office, hugely reducing the time investment required by exhibitors.

Stretch your talent attraction budget so much further for so much greater effect.

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