The event will run “live” for one day, but then stay accessible for a further 30 days for students to access on-demand.

Many more students will be able to participate. Any student from any university can now take part in the event either on the “live” day or on demand. There are no early starts or travel costs for students or time out of the university curriculum, allowing much wider participation for students unable to travel from their university on the day of the event due to other commitments.

It’s a live event!  Students can still directly liaise with exhibitors in real time at each stand, they can ask questions and access information, upload CVs and access application system seamlessly in one visit. A far more efficient system than is possible at a physical event.



Just like a physical event this is where the exhibition stands and meeting rooms are located, allowing exhibition space for up to 80 exhibitors. The very best of the UK manufacturing and engineering industry all in one place


Featuring live presentations throughout the day, take your seats to learn about some of our most prestigious employers, discover the latest opportunities, find out how to polish your CV, how to stand out at interview and the secrets of the assessment centre. Chat with presenters, ask questions and learn how to make the best impact you can.


Discover your future exactly like a physical event, talk with employers, discover opportunities, download company information, access media and begin your application process.


Meet with experts, chat with other visitors, and talk to exhibitors away from the virtual stands

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